Fabrics and Textiles

We have many fabrics available, below is a listing of our most popular:

Great for vibrant translucent prints.

Sharkstooth Gauze
When a transformation is required this is the product most people call on.

Artists Canvas
Covering flatage is it's most frequent purpose, but can also be used for floorcloths etc.

Heavy Satin
Colourful internal display banners that are a joy to behold.

Superb print through comes as standard.

For that delicate ephemeral touch.

Fantastic vibrant prints on a crease resistant textile.

Heavy Muslin
The trick fabric: looks like a canvas, creates great bleed throughs.

Faux Indian Duppion
When a silk look is required this hits the spot, with strong colours and great handle.

All sorts of occasions require a stretch textile, when covering strange shapes, making ceilings.

This lightweight soft handle textile is perfect for soft flowing drapery.

Knitted Polyester
Temporary display banners whether for indoors or exterior.

Flag Weave
Display flags are a delight in this strong fabric with great show through.