Backcloths tend to be large printed cloths that hang to the rear of a stage. They are mainly rectangular with a ratio of about 2:1, width compared to the height. They are finished with web & ties at the top for fixing to a flying bar and a pocket at the bottom for sliding in a weighted bar. They can be used for indoor and outdoor staging of Drama, Opera, Ballet, Dance, Concerts...


Banners are almost ubiquitous. They are rectangular, often with a 4:1 ratio of the width compared to the height. The letter box format is very popular because the vertical format can often constrain any lettering.


Whether you desire Austrian, Roman and Festoon blinds, they can all benefit from having a bespoke printed treatment. They can be used in marquees, for wedding receptions areas, exhibition stands and stages. They convey a sense of intimacy, softness and quality. They can be used to enhance rooms as well hide less fetching areas.


Indoor canopies can really add flair and style to a room or marquee. They can help transform a space into a venue. They are often made from light textiles and printed with a graphic image.


Printed canvases can be used to cover almost any area. They are often wrapped around timber frames and used on stages, exhibitions and marquees. They be stapled, glued or "velcroe'd" on.


Printed cushions are great for parties anywhere. They can be theme’d for the event or for the venue. Function rooms can also be softened with simple designs.


Hung inside or out, flags bring attention to your venue. They can help draw people in and help set an atmosphere before the event even starts.


Printed floor-cloths really can fool the eye. They set the tone for theatrical productions and are a great draw on exhibition stands.


Printed Sharkstooth gauzes allow the director to easily switch the focus up and down stage.



There is nothing quite like seeing a Kabuki drop fall. When they fall into view from hidden boxes there is a pronounced snap of attention in the audience.
And when they are released from their supports and arrive on stage all are bedazzled with their beauty.







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